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THIRSTY? Order at the bar or from your seat… Just scan the QR puck at your table and we’ll deliver your order to you.

Roll Dog Amber
This American Amber Ale is brewed with Two Row, Munich, Caramel and some Chocolate malt. Only American hops are used and this 5% ABV beer features aromas and flavors of caramel and malt sweetness, followed by some fruit and citrus as well a pine-like bitterness.
MexTex Mexican Lager
As Mexican Lagers have a deep European history, it is no surprise that German hops and European lager yeast is used in most of them. Our Mexican Lager is made with Pale Malt and Rolled Corn as well we used hops from the Hersbrucker region in Germany and a Cech lager yeast. Expect a light beer with an ABV in the low 4% and slight flavors of flowers and dry grass as well a nice sweetness at the end from the rolled corn finished with some hop bitterness. Ask for a dash of salt and a slice of lime if you feel like it.
Cadillac Job Hefeweizen
A traditional German Hefeweizen brewed to the perfection of the Bavarian standards with over 50% Wheat malt and some Pale malt. Fermented with a Bavarian wheat yeast strain, expect the typical flavors and aromas of banana some orange and a spice glove finish. Only slightly hopped with German Hersbrucker hops. The creamy mouthfeel is just a plus for the refreshing first sip.

Ancho Paloma

High-octane tequila and grapefruit pairing made with our own house-infused ancho tequila.

Porch Pounder

Grandma's sweet tea gets punched up with vodka and peach. Pull up your rocking chair and enjoy.

Bubble Trouble

Our (in)famous Purple Drank topped off with champagne. Perfect for your patio-sipping campaign.


Balcones Chocolate Ol' Fashioned

Ol' Fashioned with Balcones Pot Still Bourbon with chocolate, orange, & cherry flavors.

Balcones Smoked Cherry Manhattan

Subtle smoked cherry flavor with Antica Vermouth and Balcones Bourbon.

Espolon Reposado Ol' Fashioned

Espolon Reposado Tequila with orange Dry Curacao & orange bitters.


The New Orleans classic with Sazerac Rye.

Wheatley Espresso Martini

Made with Wheatley vodka, this martini has a rich coffee flavor with just enough sweetness.



Our Margarita and Ginger Beer pair up with a unique ingredient....the buzz button flower. Also known as "toothache plant," it delivers a tingling sensation to the tongue and lips, adding an exciting twist to the drinking experience. Sip and enjoy as the flower sends a wave of numbness through your mouth, creating an unforgettable sensation. (Double not available)

Classic Margarita

No store-bought mix bullsh*t.

Iced Mexican Coffee

Creamy iced coffee with a tequila kick.

Ranch Water

Tequila & bubbles with a hint of Lime.

Mother Trucker

A Long Island Iced Tea never tasted this mothertruckin' good. The classic cocktail with a blackberry spin.

Orange Ancho Ranch Water

Our house-infused Orange Ancho Tequila served up sparkling

Passion Fruit Mojito

Rum and soda mixed with passion fruit, lime & our house-made mint fresh simple syrup. All the refreshing taste - none of the leafy straw clog.

Purple Drank

Vodka & butterfly tea flavored with lemon, peach, and cranberry.

Texas Mule

Vodka with lemon, Texas Sweet Tea, and Ginger Beer.


A double of your favorite Truck Yard Draft cocktail in a souvenir cup

TY-Website-Menu-Titles-Alcohol To Go-Conversation Lubrication.png

8 servings of any Truck Yard Draft or Frozen Cocktail in a takeaway bag that we loving call Conversation Lubrication. Comes with mini nachos!

Blood-Bags Website Title.png

Pomegranate Vodka with a purpose - proceeds of this cocktail benefit student nurses in our scholarship program with Baylor Scott & White. Thank you for your contribution.



Fruity but still tart margarita with a subtle spice that balances out the sweetness.


Mediocre at best Rose Wine that we upgraded with vodka and other nice things.

House Party Punch

Bunch of boozy things thrown together.

Salted Watermelon Margarita

Sweet and slightly salty frozen margarita.

Souvenir Boot

Make it a double in a boot scootin' souvenir cup.



Choice of 5 cans


House Wine Chardonnay(can)

Apothic Red Blend(can)

House Wine Rose(can)



Satisfy the Cinnamon Whiskey, Jager Bomb, & Peppermint Schnapps drinker a like. And smoother.

Green Goblin

High-octane bottled shot for fueling all your adventures and hallucinations–a delicious blend of Absinthe & Chocolate.

Da Bomb

The infamous Vegas Bomb shot...Truck Yard style.  Da Canadian Whiskey, Da Peach Schnapps and a boost of Da energy. It's Da Bomb.

Mexican Candy

A mini watermelon margarita with a kick of heat.


Lemon Drop's cool, older sister.

Green Tea

A sweet and boozy whiskey shot that we all know and love.


Cinnamon/Honey Whiskey

House-infused whiskey with honey and a cinnamon kick.

Coconut Rum

House-infused rum with real coconut and a creamy finish without the cream.

Lemon Vodka

House-infused vodka with fresh lemon.

Orange Ancho Tequila

House-infused tequila with sweet oranges and spicy ancho chiles.



Bottle of Sparkling + 2 juices

Brunch Food Trucks

Check the trucks lineup to see what trucks are serving up Brunch this weekend!


Community Mosaic IPA

Four Corners - Local Buzz

Revolver Blood & Honey

Bishop Cider - Seasonal

Michelob Ultra

Miller Lite

Shiner Light

Manhattan Project 1/2 life IPA

Deep Ellum Dallas Blonde

Karbach Love Street Blonde


Pony Pils

Shiner Bock



Coors Light

Lone Star

Dos Equis

Bud Light

Heineken 0.0

White Claw


Patron Anejo Tequila

Codigo Rosa Reposado Tequila



House-Made Lemon Vodka

Ketel One

Well Vodka


Casamigos Blanco

Casamigos Reposado

Clase Azul Reposado

Cazadores Blanco

Cazadores Reposado

Well Tequila


Balcones Pot Still

Buffalo Trace

Crown Royal

Jack Daniels

Johnnie Black

Makers Mark

Paddy's Irish Whiskey


TX Whiskey

Well Whiskey



Captain Morgan

Well Rum


Bombay Sapphire


Well Gin