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How can I get on the Truck Yard schedule?

Email us at Dallas@texastruckyard.com and provide your name, contact info, type of food you serve and any links to website or social media for your Truck. One of our managers will get information about the type of food you serve and where you’re currently operating. After eating at your truck at another location, the manager will schedule you for one of two spots we leave open every month to try out new food trucks. Based on that trial run we will incorporate you into our scheduling process at the first availability.

What fees does a food truck owner pay to operate at Truck Yard?

10% of sales

What amenities are available to Food Trucks operating at Truck Yard?

  • Seating
  • Electric
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Bussers
  • Trash service
  • Wifi
  • Pagers
  • Placement on our website

What guidelines must Food Trucks follow at Truck Yard?

  • One of our managers will review our Food Truck rules & scheduling guidelines once you get on our schedule, but the highlights are:
  • You must provide a print out and/or electronic copy of your register tape/sales report at the end of your shift to the Manager on Duty.
  • Must provide your Dallas permits and proof of insurance
  • Must be ready to serve at 11am-pm Monday- Saturday and 10am Sundays-9pm. You will be considered late if you are on property but not ready to serve. Serving food after 9pm is up to the Food Truck operator’s discretion.

You will not be scheduled again if you do not comply with the above or:

  • Are late or No show
  • Leave before you’re scheduled without consent of the manager on duty
  • Consistently run out of food early
  • Are unable to manage the volume to keep reasonable wait times