Safety Pledge


Truck Yard is ready to rock these new sanitation guidelines so you can sip your brews & booze with peace of mind.

Social Distancing Reminders: Our bars and food trucks have floor stickers or cones/stanchions, so you know where to stand safely. All tables are 6 ft. apart and are limited to 10 people max per a table.

No Standing, Outdoor Only: We will monitor our capacity to ensure every guest has an assigned table, and we ask that all guests stay seated unless they are ordering food or drinks. We will only be seating our outdoor tables and the games area will be closed.

Masks: Our team and our food truck partners will all be required to wear masks. Since food truck partners are handling food, they will be required to wear gloves as well. Our cheesesteak kitchen is temporarily closed to keep our team from working in close quarters.

Single Use: Our beverages are always served in single-use containers and we will keep it that way. Food truck vendors will be required to provide utensils wrapped in plastic.

Scrubba-Scrubba: Our team will wash their hands at least every hour, and for at least 20 seconds. Hand sanitation stations are at our entrance as well as throughout the Yard for guest and team member use.

Enhanced Sanitation: We created a new “Corona Killer” position that will wipe tables after each use with disinfectant and put a “CLEAN” sign on the table, so you know it’s ready for use. They will also frequently disinfect bathrooms, door handles and other common use areas.

Team Member Health Checks: Team members and food truck partners will be required to complete a wellness questionnaire and temperature check at the start of their shift.


We all get to keep drinking together as long as we do our part and stop the spread. Earn your good citizen badge and help everyone out with the following:

Masks: Please wear a mask entering and exiting, and when ordering from our team. Once you’re at your table, no mask needed.

No Congregating: Please stay seated at your table unless you’re up ordering food or drink or taking a bathroom break. That will limit contact to those in your party.

Kids at the Table: For now, kids must stay with you at your table.

6X10: Tables will be placed 6 feet apart, and no more than 10 people MAX can sit at a table. Do not move tables or chairs. Do your part and stay 6 feet apart from other patrons when you’re not at your table.

No Heavy Petting: Please refrain, and have your kids refrain, from petting other people’s dogs, so hands don’t transfer unwanted germs on pet hair.

Scrubba-Scrubba: Hand sanitation stations will be all around yard, plus soap and water are available in all restrooms. You know what to do!

Rain-check: If you’re not feeling well, then take a rain-check on Truck Yard. Please stay home.