The Treehouse and Treehouse Rail can be rented for an hourly beverage minimum (3 hour minimum) any time, any day! There is no minimum number of people, but the max is you and 79 of your closest friends (that’s 80 for those of us that can’t add).

What This Means:

We’ll reserve the Treehouse or Treehouse and Rail for you and your party for as long as you’d like. There’s a 3-hour minimum whether you want it for 20 minutes or the full 3 hours. If you want more than 3 hours, we can do that too! And after your reserved window is up, we don’t kick you out, we simply re-open the Treehouse to the general public.

How It Works:

All your drinks are charged based on consumption. At the end of your time, if the total spend does not meet the set minimum, the difference is charged as a rental fee. If you’re total meets the minimum, happy days!

What This Includes:

  • Designated bartender(s) for you and your group
  • We’ll stock all your favorite cans, drafts and cocktails (cause you’re special)
  • The option to add a custom-created craft cocktail designed specifically for your party can also be arranged
  • Designated section, meaning you can avoid fighting the crowds and sharking a table. Big bonus is the Treehouse rentals are available during prime time hours for the same pricing!
  • Wanna bring decorations and a cake?? It’s your space; you do you boo-thang!

Got your party pants on?

Please email us at for rental inquiries.